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The care and support is as individual as the person himself. We respond to this and coordinate our care offer for each person in need of care in each case individually. There is therefore no off-the-shelf care.

However, the care insurance companies differentiate between different types of care. The main points are as follows:

  • Basic care
  • Treatment care
  • Absence care
  • Family care
  • Consultation visit according to §37.3 SGB XI
  • Private additional services

We generally offer comprehensive care for all care levels. The following services are an extract of our work for you. Because every person has a different personal situation, the need for care is as unique as the person himself. We take this into account when evaluating and implementing our work. If you have further or individual needs, please contact us. We always tailor our care to your personal needs.

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Treatment care

In social legislation, treatment care or, more rarely, special care is understood to mean activities that are carried out on a doctor's order by nurses from the areas of health and nursing, children's nursing and elderly care.

These tasks include wound care, dressing changes, medication, blood pressure and blood sugar measurement and medical assistance. “Treatment care” can be done both inpatient and outpatient. In contrast, all nursing activities that serve the basic care of the person in need of care, for example personal hygiene, are referred to as basic care or direct care.

We can provide the following services for you in treatment care.

  • Administration of injections
  • Drug administration
  • Dressing change and wound care
  • Catheter change
  • Blood sugar and blood pressure measurement
  • Ostomy care
  • Supply of a PEG or a SP-DK
  • Parenteral nutrition
  • Enteral nutrition
  • Putting on and taking off compression stockings
  • Care of respiratory patients and suction
  • Infusion therapy - port care
  • Care for dementia patients

Basic care

Basic care or direct care in the care professions of health and nursing, child health care and nursing, elderly care and curative education refers to basic and regularly recurring care services.

These include the area of personal care, nutrition and mobility, as well as other non-medical care activities from the areas of daily life activities. The implementation of medically prescribed treatments, such as the administration of medication, injections, dressing changes, is also referred to as treatment care.

We can offer the following services for you in basic care.

  • Whole and partial washes
  • Help with excretions
  • Lay and embed
  • Help with food intake
  • Mobilization
  • Household activities
  • Heating the living area
  • Shopping
  • Preparation of hot dishes
  • Accompanying to the doctor and to the authorities
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Absence care

If the private caregiver is temporarily prevented from caring for the home, the long-term care insurance covers the proven costs of replacement care (also called preventive care) for a maximum of six weeks per calendar year and at the maximum amount of EUR 1,612 that has been valid since 2015.

Since January 1, 2015, up to 50% (up to EUR 806) of the amount earmarked for short-term care can be spent on home-based preventive care instead of inpatient short-term care. The prerequisite is that the caregiver has cared for the person in need of care in their home environment for at least six months before the first prevention. (§ 39 SGB XI).

Furthermore, at least level of care 2 must be approved by the long-term care fund and care is provided by lay carers (e.g. family members). Preventive care can be carried out if the lay nurse is unable to care for the dependent due to illness, vacation or other obligations. In these cases, we can take care of the care for the lay carer on an hourly or daily basis.

Absence care is an additional service to the approved level of care. This can be billed by the hour.

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Family care

Outpatient family care should ensure the care and care of children up to their 14th birthday in emergency situations (e.g. hospitalization of the mother or father). The care is provided in the parents' household. The youth welfare office is responsible. The prerequisite is that the application for domestic help has been rejected by the health insurance company. There is no legal claim to outpatient family care.

We can guarantee family care if the health insurance or the social welfare office has approved it. The basic prerequisite for these benefits is that children live in the household - as described above - and that, for example, the mother or father cannot provide care.

Our family care (e.g. § 38 SGB V) includes basic care and household maintenance.

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Consultation visit (according to §37.3 SGB XI)

Our care advice according to § 37.3 SGB XI:

Every person in need of long-term care who does not use a nursing service but receives nursing allowance must commission a nursing service to provide advice at regular intervals.

This assignment takes place in the home environment, together with the patient and the lay nurse. The intervals between counseling visits are at level 2 to 3 every six months, at level 4 to 5 every quarter.

In this case, we as a nursing service have an advisory role. We control nursing, advise on nursing problems and help with the organization of nursing aids.

In this consultation, we have to work with the lay caregiver and the person in need of care to determine whether further care at home is guaranteed by the lay carer. If the lay nurse is overwhelmed, advice on relief services, such as preventive care or day care facilities, can help. The protocol of the consultation mission is forwarded to the nursing care fund after the mission.

If required, additional advisory missions can also be called up outside the prescribed time intervals.

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Private additional services

Our nursing service offers you private additional services. Only examples are given below. If you need other private services, then do not hesitate to contact us.

Care of pets
You don't want to do without your pet, but who walks the dog, who feeds the dog, cat or birds? Who cleans cages and litter boxes? We provide our help if you need care.

Care or visiting service
We read to you, help answer the post or make applications for you. With our help you can fill in crossword puzzles again or have us playing cards. Or we are just there as social contact so that there is no loneliness.

We also provide you with services such as e.g.:
Physiotherapy, massage therapist, speech therapy, occupational therapy, stomatotherapist, medical service, pharmacy service, craftsman service, shopping service, doctor visits, handicapped driver service, hairdresser, wheeled meals, foot care, escort services.

Do you have any questions about any of the topics mentioned? Do you need services that we have not listed here? Then contact us. We are always there for you.